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Get your clients the capital they deserve and collect commissions! 

We assist and support our ISO's via phone, email and text with fast response times.

High Commissions

Receive the high commissions fast after your merchant is funded.

Legacy Capital Group Logo 3-B ICON WHITE
Direct Funder

Legacy is a direct funder, which makes us the one stop place for all your funding needs.

Fast Funding

We take pride in our fast funding process. Our fast approvals and funding simplify the experience.

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Become an ISO 

Legacy Capital Group thrives based on maintaining partnerships with individual referrals, independent sales organizations (ISO’s), and brokers. We work hand in hand with credit card processors, accountants, and other client managers to produce outstanding results for their clients. If you are looking for fast funding, quality commissions and a reputable process, then look no further, join our Legacy.

Our team of highly skilled underwriters and account managers can help you and your merchants have the best funding experience ever. Sign up and partner with the fastest growing provider of small business capital.

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What Can You do to Leave a Legacy? Join Legacy!

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